Tools and Kits


Candle of Rejuvenation
This item allows a manifester to recover power points as if he were resting at night. The manifester recovers 10 power points at the end of each complete hour spent within 10 feet of a lit candle. By making an Autohypnosis DC 15 check, this amount
increases by one‐half. Each candle burns for a total of eight hours.

Concealing Weave
This kit is composed of one or more related articles of clothing specifically made to camouflage a caster’s arm and hand movements while casting a spell. This kit grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff checks made to conceal the casting of spells with a somatic component.

Meditative Kit
This small and delicately carved crystal container produces a hypnotic rainbow‐like effect
while filled with clear water and struck by light. After 1 minute of uninterrupted observation of the rainbow pattern, the kit provides a +2 circumstance bonus to the next Autohypnosis check made by the viewer within the next 10 minutes.

Navigator’s Kit
Prized possessions of many trading houses and frequent wanderers of the wastes, each of these kits is composed of a set of maps made of straight sticks representing roads, and small stones for villages, cities and others special locations, all lashed together by strings. If you succeed at a Knowledge (geography) check DC 10 while using this kit, you gain a +4 bonus on Survival checks made to keep from getting lost.

Tools and Kits

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