Special Substances and Items

Special Substances and Items
The following items are often, but not always available for sale in the Bard’s Quarter of most city‐states. Contacting someone willing to sell these and other associated goods usually requires proficient use of the Bluff and Diplomacy skills.


This rare and notoriously addictive herb cannot be cultivated, and does not last more than a single week after being picked, unless somehow magically kept fresh. After Esperweed is eaten, a DC 12 Fortitude save must be made. Failure results in nausea for one minute. If the save is made, the eater has managed keep the esperweed down, taking 1d4 points of Strength damage, but you also begin to regain one power point per minute, up to 10% above your normal power point limit (round down). You also gain the empathy power as a psi‐like ability that can be used once per day. Manifester level is equal to 1/2 Hit Dice (minimum 1st). These benefits last for one hour, after which you lose all remaining power points. These power points are spent first when manifesting powers (much like temporary hit points).

Hypnotic Brew
This is a tasteless, odorless mixture of herbs commonly peddled in Bard’s Quarters. It is
typically used by bards and mindbender to “soften up” a target before attempting to manipulate or manifest a power. When a hypnotic brew is imbibed, the drinker’s Will saves suffer a –2 circumstance penalty for 1 hour if they fail a Fortitude save (DC 15).

Pre‐poisoned Darts
Terran bards sometimes sell especially prepared blowgun darts that contain a dose of
injected poison inside a hollow tip, protected with a wax plug. This reduces the risk of self–poisoning to 2% rather than 5%. You can remove the wax plug as a free action while preparing to fire the dart.

Splash‐globes are spherical glass jars containing contact poison or up to half a pint of some
alchemical fluid. In addition to bursting on impact like any grenade, splash‐globes can be placed in hinged pelota, thus giving the grenade additional range when fired through a splash‐bow or dejada. The following types of splash‐globes are available:
Acid: Standard flask acid can be placed in splashglobes.
Contact Poison: Any contact poison can be placed in a splash‐globe.
Liquid Darkness: Anyone struck directly by liquid darkness must make a Reflex save (DC 15) or be blinded for one minute. Those splashed with liquid darkness have their vision blurred for one minute if they fail a DC 15 Reflex save, granting their opponents concealment. In addition, all natural fires within the splash area are instantly extinguished. Liquid darkness immediately extinguishes liquid light.
Liquid Dust: The liquid from this splash‐globe turns into dust on contact with the air. You can use this liquid to cover up to 20 5‐foot squares of tracks. On impact, liquid dust forms a 15‐foot diameter cloud, ten feet high that lasts one round. Alternately, liquid dust can be launched via slash‐globes. Anyone struck directly by liquid dust must make a DC 15 Fortitude save each round for one minute; failure dictates that they are nauseated for that round. Those splashed with liquid dust suffer the same effect for one round if they fail a DC 15 Fortitude save.
Liquid Fire: Alchemist’s fire can be placed in splashglobes.
Liquid Light: This splash‐globe contains two liquids that mix together when the splash‐globe is ruptured. The resulting mixture glows for eight hours. If you break the liquid light globe while it is still in its pouch, the pouch can serve as a light source just like a sunrod. Anyone struck directly by liquid light must make a DC 20 Fortitude save or be temporarily dazzled (–1 on all attack rolls) for 1 minute, and will glow in darkness for eight hours unless they somehow cover the affected areas. Creatures splashed with liquid light (see grenade rules) also glow in the darkness, but are not blinded.

Special Substances and Items

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