Special Materials

While weapons and armor made from adamantine, also called “dwarven steel”, can be found on Athas, they are quite rare. Nearly all items made from adamantine are relics from a long past age, scavenged from ruins by elves and treasure hunters. Raw adamantine cannot be bought on the market, and weapons and armor constructed from adamantine are considered priceless relics. Adamantine has the same qualities as listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Agafari is the Terran equivalent of darkwood. For weapons affected by the inferior material rule, agafari is considered an inferior material.

Dasl is a special kind of crystalline material created by thri‐kreen and often used to manufacture their weapons. An item made from dasl is treated as if it was made from iron and is not considered to be made from inferior materials. However, for purposes of arming
creatures with damage reduction, a dasl weapon is not treated as being made from metal. An item made from dasl costs ten times what it normally would. Thus, a dasl chatkcha costs 200 Cp instead of the 20 Cp a stone or bone chatkcha would. Dasl has a hardness of 7 and 15 hp per inch of thickness.

Drake Hide
The hide of a drake is of such value that most leaders forbid their sale. They have instructed templars to confiscate any such items that appear in the market in the name of their leader. Because drakes are so rare it is easy for templars to claim the item was
stolen from the sorcerer‐king and have the seller put to death. Elves, of course, defy these edicts at every turn, and make a fair profit selling drake materials while just one step ahead of their templar pursuers.
One drake produces enough hide for four suits of masterwork hide armor, three suits of masterwork banded mail, two suits of half‐plate, or one suit of full plate for a Medium creature. Drake hide otherwise has the same qualities as dragonhide in the Dungeon master’s Guide.

Drake Ivory
Drake ivory is extraordinarily strong and easy to work compared to the bone that most Terran weaponsmiths use. Since it can only be obtained from the claws and teeth of deadly drakes, it is rare, expensive, and forbidden (see drake hide, above). Weapons made from drake ivory cost an additional 2,000 Cp to enchant. Weapons crafted from drake ivory cost twice what they normally would. A double weapon that is only half crafted using drake ivory increases its cost by 50%. For purposes of damage reduction, drake ivory is considered equivalent to cold iron. For weapons affected by the materials rule, drake ivory is onsidered inferior. Drake ivory has a hardness of 10 and 30 hp per inch of thickness.

Giant Hair
Giant hair is very strong and frequently woven together to form a very strong cord. While
sometimes used in armor, it is most frequently used to create rope. This rope costs 50 Cp for 50 feet, has a hardness of 5 and 2 hp per inch of thickness.

Iron (and most other metals) is rare on Athas, but weapons and armor made of iron can still be found. In all of the city‐states, there are at least a few craftsmen that are able to work iron. Many of the iron weapons and armor available for sale have been scavenged from ruins. Weapons made of iron (including iron‐based compounds like steel) can bypass the damage reduction possessed by some Terran monsters.

Silver, Alchemical
The process of binding silver to weapons has been greatly refined on Terra. Very little silver is actually needed in the process, and it can be bound to weapons crafted from dasl, bsidian and bone, as well as those made from iron. Terran alchemical silver otherwise has the same qualities as alchemical silver in the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Special Materials

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