Elven Outfit
Although varying greatly from tribe to tribe, all elven clothing is based around two concepts: functionality and flattery. This set of clothes most often includes a hooded cloak or stylized robes, although some outfits make do with tight leather wrappings or other
heat‐shielding and water‐retaining materials. In regards to its other aspect—visual appeal—every elven outfit is, no matter how functional, also designed to complement the wearer’s form. Each outfit is tailor‐made by elves, following a particular tribal pattern, and are normally not for sale. In addition, various portions of this outfit—such as a cloak, thick shoulder scarf, or even an entire tunic— are colored, patterned, or designed to be reversible in such a way as to blend in with the Athasian landscape, helping the wearer to blend in with the terrain in sandy areas: this provides a +3 circumstance bonus on Hide checks while in desert terrain. For twice the listed price, this outfit can be made to fit over light armor.

High Templar’s Outfit
High templar’s outfits differ for every city. This set of clothing is made of the best material produced by a city‐state’s artisans and exemplifies that city’s templarate. Wearing the proper high templar outfit for a city’s templarate gives a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks in contests of Secular Authority made within that city.

Royal Defiler’s Outfit
Royal defilers, who practice sorcery with the full legal backing of a leader, must clearly indicate their protected status if they are to be spared the mob’s wrath. This set of clothing is made from the best materials available to a city‐state’s artisans, and is second in quality only to a templar’s outfit. The outfit varies greatly from city to city. Wearing the proper defiler outfit for a city gives a +2 circumstance bonus to Intimidate checks against citizens who aren’t part of the templarate.

Slave’s Outfit
This simple set of clothes consists of a loincloth, or a short skirt and sleeveless tunic, all made of rough‐hewn materials.

Wastelander’s Outfit: Similar to clothing worn by the many elven tribes dotting the Terran landscape, this set of clothes commonly includes a large hooded cloak, multiple layers of heat‐resistant, porous cloth, and reinforced leather padding designed to protect against
blowing sand, sharp rocks and the ever‐present cacti needles. In addition, this outfit is colored to blend in with whatever environment the wastelander has chosen as his home, helping the wearer to blend in with rocky surroundings. This provides a +2 circumstance bonus on Hide checks while in the appropriate terrain; each wastelander’s outfit provides this bonus for a single terrain type only. For twice the price, this outfit can be made to fit over light armor.


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