All forms of armor given in the Player’s Handbook have a non–metal equivalent that costs 1/100th of the cost listed in the Player’s Handbook; simply change the gp price to Cp. In addition to being the equivalent of armor on a metal rich world, thousands of years of tortuous heat have lead Terran armorers to develop ingenious air ventilation and air circulation methods. This allows medium and heavy armors to be worn in the Terran heat.
While Terran characters use all the varieties of armor described in the Player’s Handbook, the armor they use incorporates materials commonly found in the world around them. Though most of the armors are made using various parts of common Terran animals, the armor construction process makes use of several different reinforcement methods developed over time. Many of the armors are highly composite, made using the pieces of
several different animals – no two suits of armor look quite alike. Through the use of hardening resins, shaped chitin and stiff leather backings, Terran armorers can
craft remarkably durable armors from the material at hand.

Breastplate, Full Plate and Half Plate
These armors are constructed using choice plates taken from shelled animals, such as mekillots or braxat.

Studded Leather
This armor is crafted using close‐set rivets made of bone, hardwood, stone, or talons.

Shell Armor
Shell armor is made by weaving giant’s hair around the shells of various small creatures such as an aprig. Shell armor is the Terran equivalent to the Player’s Handbook’s chain mail armor.

Chitin Armor
This armor is skillfully made by interlocking hexagonal bits of chitin (usually carved from a kank’s carapace). Chitin armor is the Terran equivalent to the Player’s Handbook’s chain shirt armor.

Scale mail
Scale mail is usually made from the scales of an erdlu, inix or other naturally scaled creatures.

Banded Mail and Splint Mail
These armors are fashioned from shavings of agafari wood, bonded to softer, more flexible woods, and treated with a hardening resin.


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