An artifact of the old world, the Brightmantle society of Cross was delighted to find a warforged juggernaut in an ancient temple. With great effort, they hauled the fine, albeit damaged specimen to their headquarters to study it further. With some inspection, they found that the warforged was salvageable. Excited to possibly learn more of the old world from the ancient war machine, they made haste in repairing it.

He was confused when he awoke surrounded by strange men and women he had never met before. He noted that he was suffering from severe wear and tear, and figured he would leave his saviors to their work. When the repairs were completed, the Brightmantles wasted no time in asking the juggernaut questions about the old world and what his purpose was in it. Much to their dismay, his memories were cloudy at best. The only thing clear to him was that he was a soldier of justice, as a code of honor was ingrained in his mind. Eager to see his new surroundings, the warforged bade the Brightmantles farewell and thanked them for their efforts while being apologetic that he couldn’t tell them more. When asked for his name, one word echoed in his mind- Stalwart.

After being told he was in the capital of the so-called Free Cities, Stalwart was appalled to find a wasteland in which people had to scrape by to survive. He made haste in finding someone with answers as to what happened, until he was pointed to a man named Carver in hushed whispers. Eager to make a difference, it wasn’t long before Stalwart found himself with the resistance against the Gravcon empire- his first task being to protect a man named Ruiin and his associates in their travels.


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