Ruiin Lann


Ruiin was talented in magic from the beginning. That was the only way to be talented in it you see, as it wasn’t exactly something that one DID, per se. No, Ruiins talents were all inate, by the grace of the gods, and nobody could prove otherwise so far.

Speaking of inate talents, it takes a certain charisma in an elf to be seen as desirable by a human. And his mother was nothing if not charismatic. And also an elf (can’t be discounting that). It also takes a certain charisma to convince an elf to stick around long enough to not only do the deed but have a child too. And his father was nothing if not charismatic. And also a human (can’t be disparaging them after talking up the elves). So by nature of being a bastard Ruiin had an excess of panache. Inate talents.

So we know so far that we have a half-breed of immense potential. If you’re going to be half-breed it’s probably better to be a talented one when the cards drop and the pointy bits come out. It’s not so good to have a silver tongue that’s also sharp. Sharp tongues made out of tongue don’t cut very much, and silver tongues shaped like a lump are just heavy. But sharp and silver can cut very finely; upsides being that you don’t need to dice your food to well when eating. Downsides might be that you might end up knicking yourself every so often. So it came to pass that Ruiin found himself in some varying amounts of trouble from time to time relating to either the one or the other inate talent.

Which is bullshit.

So when one finds themselves with a mouth full of blood, a sore rump, a silver tongue, and vast amounts of untapped magical potential a plan comes together.

Call it an inate talent.

Ruiin Lann

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