“Null”. The old world term references it as a description of a nonexistent thing, yet for someone to be named Null is quite peculiar.

That’s what the piece of paper said she found in her pocket said.

“Delivery to Azmar then return. Map on back. Don’t forget payment.”

The peculiar note was the only thing that gave Null an idea who she is and what she was doing. Surrounding her was a destroyed caravan, it’s contents ransacked and stolen. No signs of intelligent life to be seen.

A few moments later, a mysterious animal started nudging against Null. At first, Null was horrified and scurried back. The creature confused, backed off and stood there.

Looking back at the note, Null realized she missed a part.

“Keep Byte under control. Don’t need another biting incident.”

The conclusion Null drew was the creature she traveled with. Rummaging threw her bag, she found stuff that suggested she was a bodyguard for a caravan and had powers in line with a druid. With nothing left but many questions, she setoff for the town listed with her companion.


Terra Tempest228