The Vulture


His mother exiled from her tribe for a reason unbeknownst to him, Rhis never had a place to truly call home. Instead, he led the life of a wanderer- walking the wastes with his mother to avoid the politics of the Empire and the so-called “Free Cities.” She taught him to survive- by any means necessary.

After a particularly grueling day, the two settled down for the night, eager for much-needed sleep. That night, Rhis took his first life at the age of 4 when a lone, frenzied elf attacked his mother as they slept. Unable to staunch the flow, she passed- another life lost to the wastes. His will nearly broken, Rhis walked through the barren lands until he found himself in the Free City of Trago. He had a home now, yet he never truly adjusted to such a life. Unable to quell his wanderlust, he took up his mother’s blade to pursue life as an adventurer, determined to make a name for himself.

Years passed, and death seemingly followed closely behind Rhis. One after another, his companions fell- leaving him alone time and time again. He learned it to be a tragic inevitability at first, but after some time, he realized the boon of being a lone survivor. It wasn’t long before he developed a reputation in Trago as “The Vulture,” a harbinger of death and ruin. While it wasn’t his original intent, Rhis gladly embraced the role, following eager adventurers into the wastes to pick them clean after their demise. A bird’s got to eat after all.

Rhis found himself particularly amused by the quest of Eilfinlathkator, and decided to accompany him if just to see how much he would accomplish before the sun bleached his bones.


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