Several hundred years after the events at the top of Lighthaven, the world has been torn into chaos. No one remembers the great deeds of Zinton, Gary, Malia, Sorventh, or Adell. A desolate world stands, with Emperor Drax and his Grand Dukes ruling the lands. Hope is long dead, and many have accepted that the world will never improve. Can the fated heroes survive the Gravcon Wasteland long enough to make their impact on this dying world? Or will they perish long before, leaving nothing but bones in the sand?

This is a Pathfinder game set in a desert wasteland, long after the previous civilization had been lost and the Gravcon Empire grew. The Player Characters will journey through the wastelands, discovering secrets of the Old World, seeking to make their own impact on the world.

Terra will feature a mix of Dungeon Crawling through the Ruins and Caves, Exploration of the Sandy Wastes, and Diplomacy and Roleplay with various organizations and NPCs. A well balanced character able to handle these tasks is vital.

This game will be open world, allowing the players to make their own choices to prioritize quests. Delaying a quest could have consequences, and should be weighed carefully. Because it is open world, the players should be prepared to not be a passive force in this world. After all, you don’t hear the story of the band of adventures that sit in a tavern as the world moves around them!


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